In order to make your Love Story personal, we need to know a little bit of history regarding your relationship.  Your Love Story is meant to give all of your guests at your reception a look at how you met, what you first thought of each other, any funny or memorable moments throughout your time together and generally a short timeline of your relationship.  We would also like to know when and where you got engaged and any other details that would make your love story unique and personal.  Below are some questions to guide you as you write your Love Story

Occasionally, we have clients who are excellent writers and choose to write their own love stories.  Below the form are a couple love story examples from clients who have chosen to write their own that we felt were a good example of content and in length.  Please contact us if you have any questions!

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Love Story Examples Written by the Bride and/or Groom

EXAMPLE STORY:  Jennifer and Daniel

On a September evening almost five years ago, Jenn was making her way across Charlottesville, fresh from the gym in a tank top, sports bra, and sweat pants, to visit Amy, her best friend since high school who had just moved to the area.  Little did either Jenn or Dan know that when he answered the door that night, they would come face-to-face with the person who would change their lives forever.  While Dan was persistent in his attempts to woo and impress her, Jenn initially kept him at arm's length, suspicious of his apparent Med. school playboy ways.  It took many months of arduous labor before Dan wore through Jenn's resistance and they began to date in earnest.  

Over the next few of years, the couple had their share of romantic rendezvous, spirited adventures, and mischievous antics: movie nights under a blanket tent with candle-roasted s'mores; Sunday morning waffles with the Mormons; Darts with port and red wine from bowls; Tapas at Mas; Virginia Wine trail travels; North Ridge; Hot chocolate after a long day of studying at the Health Sciences Library; Valentine's Day in the Blue Ridge Mountains; Dan's undying love of surprises and Jenn's ongoing aversion to them.  

They were, and still remain, amazed that they both attended William & Mary for the same four years and even shared some common friends; yet it took a random event in a separate city over a year following graduation for Jenn & Dan to meet and fall in love.  After suffering through a long distance relationship while Dan finished medical school, they packed up a U-Haul and moved together to Philadelphia as Dan began his residency and Jenn continued her career in pediatric speech-language pathology.  More importantly, this provided them with the opportunity to take the next step in their lives together.  

After scouring the Internet and most jewelers within a 200 mile radius for the perfect ring, which Dan managed to obtain without too much suspicion from Jenn, he proposed at their home in late July.  On a day off between shifts at the Children's Hospital ER, Dan slaved away over a hot stove to prepare a special four course, vegan meal for Jenn when she arrived home from work.  After a dinner spent trying to convince Jenn there was nothing particular afoot, Dan read her a poem he had written while in Africa five months earlier.  While the writing was not the most poetic, the last line of the final stanza held the question that had burned in his mind for a year and a half: "Would you be my wife?"  To his utmost joy she said yes, and one incredibly short year later, Jenn & Dan find themselves today in the presence of those who have shared in so many aspects of their lives as they pronounced their life-long commitment to each other.  

EXAMPLE LOVE STORY:  Carmelita and Brian

Carmelita and Brian’s love story began in Kings Point, New York during their time at the US Merchant Marine Academy.  Brian was a shy boy always looking for a glance from the fair Carmelita.  Being only steps away from each other in neighboring Companies, meetings between the two were fairly common, especially during unsolicited attacks on Band Company by Third Company.  Over the years similar interests, such as EMT class and Aerobics classes, allowed the two cross paths more frequently.  Their first bonding experience was shared chipping paint in the bilge of the school training ship, the Kings Pointer.  Brian couldn’t resist the look of a woman covered in rust, sweat, and paint chips.  Although there were no romantic encounters between the two during their time at Kings Point, their friendship prevailed and allowed the two to keep in contact after graduation.  After three years of random encounters, Carmelita and Brian were again reunited.  That was almost exactly three years ago tonight.  After two years of dating, Brian decided Carmelita was the girl he’d spend the rest of his life with.   Permission to marry Carmelita was bravely obtained from her father during ammunition testing at a local gun range.  During a trip through Europe, Brian mustered up his wits, and dropped to one knee in front of the Royal Palace of Monaco, and asked for Carmelita’s hand in marriage.  She said yes, and well...that brings us to today July 28th 2007 when Brian and Carmelita were united as one in marriage.