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Our History

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DJ Profiles

DJ Profiles

Meet the Team!


DJ Paula

The Backdrop

Paula was born in Pasadena, California and grew up in the Los Angeles area.  From the tender age of 4, she began dance lessons which continued throughout her childhood into early adult hood.  By 1994, now a seasoned performer with almost 16 years of dance experience, Paula began doing choreography for local studios as well as a nationally ranked high school dance team.  It was during this time that Paula got her humble beginnings as a DJ/Master of Ceremonies through hosting local sporting events, various L.A. City fundraisers and multiple annual city wide events. In 1996, she met and married Peter who shared the same passion and heartbeat for live music/performing.

In 2001, they began a very successful and fast growing wedding videography business affectionately called An Affair to Remember Videography.  The type of experience they gained through their videography business was second to none.  During this time, they were able to observe many of the premier DJs in the Los Angeles area.  Through their combined observations, Peter and Paula were able to glean the best ideas from these DJs and formulate a unique blend of professional, exciting, and elegant entertainment.

After relocating to Virginia Beach in 2004, Paula and Peter founded An Affair to Remember DJ and Entertainment which became an instant success.  They were able to take their lifetime of wedding experience to a new level in a new area and create a truly unique and exceptional DJ service.  The duo rapidly became one of the most sought after DJ’s in South Eastern Virginia.  As a result, AATR had quickly gained the reputation of being not JUST a DJ service but a DJ experience.  Their client testimonials poured in and repeatedly testified that Paula specifically was not just an average DJ or Master of Ceremonies but a skilled reception entertainment director and event coordinator. 

Although their time in Virginia Beach was enormously successful, winds of change were in the air!  The adventure continued for this dynamic duo as they moved south to sunny Melbourne, FL in 2010.  In typical AATR fashion, both Peter and Paula continue to take it up a notch and are presently bringing elegant, professional and exciting entertainment to Central Florida!

Paula the DJ

Since founding An Affair to Remember, Paula has been DJing some of the East Coast's most elegant wedding receptions.  But Paula is so much more than just a DJ.  She is a highly skilled Master of Ceremonies, a moving speaker and crowd motivator, a world class dancer and an extremely organized and professional wedding coordinator.  With her headset mic on, she skillfully, appropriately and flawlessly interacts with both the Bride and Groom and the guests to ensure that everyone is having the time of their lives.  Paula has the unique ability of keeping the Bride and Groom and their marriage celebration the central focus of the night.  What sets Paula apart is her ability to guide and interact with the guests in a way that makes the entire room feel comfortable, all while making sure each transition is flawless.  She has a charismatic and professional up front presence, smooth delivery, perfect timing, and exceptional organization skills, as she makes juggling all of the DJ roles look easy and effortless!

Over the years, many of Paula’s clients have commented on her overall professionalism both with pre-event planning as well as with her performance on the day of the event.  Some have said she is one of the most organized and detail oriented people they have ever met!  Each and every event is truly special to Paula, and this personal investment in each client is clear in every wedding and event that she DJ’s.  Many couples comment after their wedding that they are surprised at how stress free they felt and how they were truly able to enjoy the most memorable night of their lives. Paula regularly has couples respond back with utter joy and heart felt thanks to her for such a smooth and perfectly timed reception.  Most would say that AATR, and Paula in particular, had exceeded their expectations and that their reception was truly magical!

What is Paula like?

Paula is outgoing, fun-loving and extremely personable.  Her goal is to help her clients imagine the event of their dreams and through her attention to detail and organizational skills, turn that dream into reality.  Because of her sentimental nature, she is able to make an event special and moving while always reflecting the personal preferences of the guest(s) of honor.  Paula can completely empathize with the stresses of planning a big event as she remembers what it was like planning her own wedding not so long ago.  As the resident control freak, Paula is slightly obsessed with making sure every detail is taken care of which ensures that you do not have to.  Paula’s giftedness lies in that she is truly a “People Person” and is naturally drawn to planning social events.  Her mother always said she would either be a wedding coordinator or a cruise director!  When Paula is not busy playing stay-at-home Mom to her four kids, Jacob (12), Savanna (10), Karly (7) and Sam (8 months), she is actively hosting her own social extravaganzas and of course, helping you coordinate your wedding reception, class reunion or sweet sixteen!  Paula does truly thrive on planning and executing social events and activities even if it does wear her husband out!  It’s a passion she can’t escape!


DJ Peter

A Little History . . . If You're Curious

Peter was born in Santa Monica, California and grew up in the Los Angeles area.  He knew he was destined to be involved in music and performance at an early age.  Peter got his start playing drums, guitar, bass, and running sound with various local rock/pop bands in high school.  As he got older he began to get involved in various other production and live performance elements throughout the LA area.  He progressed into the studio side of music via writing and recording with local musicians.  As he met and married his beautiful bride Paula, he began to put together music and do remixing for competition dance teams.  It was also during this time that Peter began doing more live DJ events.

In 1997, Peter ran a successful wedding videography business with another partner in Los Angeles.  By 2001, Peter and Paula went on their own to launch their own highly successful videography company, An Affair to Remember Videography.  Filming weddings virtually every weekend gave them the opportunity to watch lots and lots of different DJ’s perform, and were able to discern how a DJ can set the overall tone of a reception and truly make or break an event altogether.  Peter learned the techniques of the most renowned and well respected DJ’s in LA and was able to take the best ideas, use them and improve upon them.  In 2006, Peter and Paula relocated to Virginia Beach and An Affair to Remember DJ and Entertainment was born.  It was instant success and built a reputation as one of Virginia Beach's premier DJ's.  Moving to Florida in 2010,  Peter and An Affair to Remember DJ continues to always strive to be innovative, personable, inventive and professional.

Peter the DJ

As a DJ, Peter is skilled at choosing the right song for the right crowd at the right time.  He has the keen ability to read a crowd and quickly set the mood with his song choices.  Peter is calm and cool under pressure and always kind and respectful to guests, listening to their requests and working them in when the time is right.  He is skilled at remixing when appropriate and keeping it simple when simple is what will work.  Peter keeps a vast library of songs at his disposal and a strong song knowledge in order to communicate to guests of all ages and music genres.

Peter as a Person

Well, Peter is laid back, easy going, funny, a little sarcastic, quick on his feet, patient, kind, and professional . . . but, he has another side . . . a more serious side.  This is a side of Peter that you hopefully will never have to see, don’t want to see, and he will do everything he can to hide it well.  What is it?  Peter is also highly technical, and is truly an audio/video/computer geek.  He is an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and has been working as a systems administrator for 15 years.  Consequently, his computer based music system is rock solid stable.  Unlike the other guys, his computer won’t crash in the middle of your first dance.  He has also consulted for others on the purchase of many high end PA systems and is technically skilled in professional audio and video equipment.  Peter is also a perfectionist.  It might be annoying to his wife, but it’s a good thing for you, because he is a man of precision.  He wants everything from his sound and lighting to his song flow and bridal party introduction mix to be flawless.  It’s an obsession you can live with!